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Why I Edited My Feature Film on DaVinci Resolve

I’ve been editing features, shorts, commercial, and everything else shot on film or video for over 20 years. Editing on almost every non-linear editing system you can imagine I know what I want and like in an NLE. When it came time to edit my directorial feature film debut, This is Meg, I knew my good old Final Cut Pro 7 wouldn’t cut it.

So I decide to give Davinci Resolve 12.5 a try. I’ve been color grading on DaVinci Resolve for years and always jumped over the “edit tab” on my way to the color tab. Once version 12 came out I was blown away. So powerful, so intuitive and it just plain worked! I have to tell you,

“DaVinci Resolve is what Final Cut X should’ve been.”
The good folks over at Blackmagic Design invited me to speak at the Slamdance Film Festival 2017 to discuss my experience editing, color grading and finishing on Davinci Resolve. Enjoy!

Watch the video here: https://indiefilmhustle.com/edit-feature-film-davinci-resolve/


Thanks for sharing Alex, love your Podcast. How did you handle audio? It's the one reason I haven't considered Resolve as an NLE for feature work.

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Same question from me--audio?!

February 8, 2017 at 9:50AM


Thank you so much for this podcast! I'm a high schooler with no money, so before now I had been editing on iMovie thinking it to be the best free editing software out there. Listening to your podcast I got so excited that I downloaded Davinci as soon as I could, and I'm learning to use it now. It's allowing me to do bigger and better things, so thank you so much for introducing me to that resource!

February 10, 2017 at 7:16AM

David Jordan
(Aspiring) Cinematographer

I find it extremely clunky. I wish I could use it all the time, but it's just not there yet for me, and there is no way it's a better NLE than FCPX IMO. On a side note, your post had a marketing feel to it for me. But hey, congrats on finding the perfect NLE for you.

February 21, 2017 at 2:39AM, Edited February 21, 2:40AM

Logan Fish
Video Journalist

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