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Why I love the olympus M5 for filming and still looking for a new camera

Hello everyone,

I hope this will not be one of those dead thread around the internet.

I use the Olympus M5 for filming. Why?

My first HD capable camera was a Oly P1 and I liked it. I knew exactly how to handle it and I loved the form factor and the design.

You may want to know that I film more kind of documentaries. So it's important to be able to be spontaneous and also I think that people are less afraid when I have a small, neat camera on me. It gives them a kind of family feeling. But that's just a theory of mine. Also I am filmer for whom it's more important how something is shot than with what camera. I am sure that all the great directors could make a movie with a mobile phone and if we watch the old movies, the have even less technical features, resolution and so on. Also I see myself more like a director, creator who shoots and sometimes even has to do some color correction and stuff besides cutting. Cutting is also fun and a creating moment but everything beyond that, it's not mine but has to be done (sometimes).

Enough of that, let's get to the camera. Why I love the Olympus M5:
- stunning IOS on every lense: so I can film without further equipment, I am very flexibel! Take it everywhere, get your stuff, do not worry - this is the most important point about Olympus Cameras in my opinion
- form factor is nice and goes along with all the benefits mentioned above
- battery life is good
- monitor and evf very good
- Nice menus, especially for me, since I owned Oly Cams before
- You can use many lenses (also oldschool ones with adapters) and I own all the important ones, which I need
- also good camera for photography
- nice design, tough body

What I do not like:
- very, very, bad codec which can kill your image when shooting trees and leaves or water / sea for example and gives you not much room for color correction, noise reduction ...
- ISO in Video is not that good, image is too noisy
- Dynamic Range is nothing outstanding but standard
- it has only an optional modular unit for mic in (which i not very good in my opinion because of a noisy sound and also it blocks the flash bracket itself so a microphone can't be mounted on that)
- can't shoot in 24 frames per second or 25/50

I'd love a camera, which could improve mostly following aspects and keep the flexibility I have now: better codec, better iso or at least the capability to do good noise reduction afterwards if needed (goes along with first point), bigger dynamic range and sound in input.

Flexibility is important because I need to be able to shoot and handle the files on my macbook while traveling and the camera has to be with me mostly all the day without the need to carry a lot of stuff for producing a pleasant picture.

For Example I has the Blackmagic Pocket Camera for a while and the image produced was really stunning but I did hardly use it (menu not good, no fast and easy iso correction, display horrible, no evf, battery life way too short, files way to big, images very shaky because of no ios ...)

So, what do you think, how I could improve my camera without losing flexibility, which is most important for me?
The ideal deal would be, if Oly decided to make a camera which really also fits the needs of filmers like Panasonic does. But for now I see the following options:

- The Sony A7S II (because it has 5 Axis IOS, though it is not as good as oly's) BUT it is really expensive for me now so and will even need new lenses in addition
- The Oly M1 as a (small) improvement (better codec, shooting in 24 frames per second)
a panasonic camera with a lense with very strong ios (if it's a promising idea, please help me, I don’t know any lenses that would fit )

Thank you for taking the time and reading this :)

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