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Wipster vs. Filestage vs.

Hey guys - quick question about your post production process:
I really like the idea of having one platform to collect all the feedback from clients and coworkers. A quick look at Google left me with three options: Wipster, Filestage and
Has anyone of you tested all of them? Do you know the difference? And which one would you recommend?


Someone on here pointed me towards and after using a trial for a small project I've been using it for everything. It's light, fast (upload/download) and my clients like it.

I can't vouch for the other sites personally but it's one more option worth looking into.

May 10, 2017 at 2:11PM

Gordon Byrd
Owner, Byrd Pictures

You forgot about vimeo pro

May 11, 2017 at 1:28PM, Edited May 11, 1:28PM

Josh Wilkinson
Music Video Director/DP

I've used Wipster, and Vimeo Pro. They all price differently.
In terms of value, is great at $25/month for 50 GB of storage (that's a lot of H264 files). Like Wipster, it has versioning AND allows you to upload projects and images. But its interface isn't as simple and sexy as Wipster.
Wipster is great and clients really take to it, but they've changed their pricing from $15/month (unlimited videos) to $65/month (for 15 videos or "projects"); as an early adopter, this really pissed me off, sending me to
What sets these three apart is versioning. Versioning is where you upload updates to a video. When this is done right, you and your client sees one video with incremental versions which can be accessed.
I can't stress enough how important this is if you have clients. Wipster does this the best; does it fine and Vimeo Pro doesn't do it at all (or is yet to).
The pricing for these services is based on the versioning; Wipster treats each video as a "project", with unlimited versions. is more concerned with the amount of space each video takes up (and prices accordingly).
Vimeo Pro only allows 20 GB/week, doesn't have versioning, but is only $17/month.
I would try all three (free trials) and see what resonates with your workflow. All three have Adobe Premiere integration.

May 12, 2017 at 5:43AM, Edited May 12, 5:47AM

Sathya Vijayendran

I've been using Frankie for a year now, but I'm not entirely happy with the app. In terms of live-reviewing a video, it's great. But the other options are pretty limited so I might change to another tool. Filestage sounds interesting. Is this a newcomer?

May 12, 2017 at 6:34AM

Laura Williamshill
Art Director

Hey Martin,
As a part of the Filestage team, it's interesting to read people's thoughts to discussions like these ;-). We took the time to compare the 8 most common tools in this article and illustrated the pros, cons and differences between them: Wipster and are in the list, too. So if you'd like a more detailed look at it, feel free to read through, I hope this will be helpful :)

May 12, 2017 at 12:42PM


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