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You can't just be an ACTOR you must become a FILMMAKER!

When your a foreigner moving into a new city such as LA it becomes your ultimate focus to achieve your dreams. When you arrive in LA you soon realise there are thousands of likeminded individuals all equally talented trying to make a career for themselves.

As an actress you try desperately to prove your unique, talented and the next best thing since the last best thing. Not only are you competing against other actors but your also racing against time and more important the every changing growth of technology. Actors now live in a world where we are capable of creating work for ourselves and if you haven't quite figured this out then you will simply get left behind. Having no credits to your name or no on-screen experience is not acceptable anymore.

But how do you achieve this when your a meer thesbian? We were never taught about cameras, editing or writing. We simply know how to live in the moments of others. For most actors, acting came naturally to us and training simply refined our talent.

In this day in age we must adapt and learn new skills in order to have any chance of a successful career. Not only must we be actors but also become producers, writers, editors, and directors. Having the ability to create work for ourselves enables us to stay proactive whilst waiting for our next big auditon. This proactive waiting period might become the thing that makes our career. With the likes of Lena Dunham, Issa Rae and King Bach we have seen how creating our own content can turn into more than we could ever imagine.

We must create thought provoking engaging content that not only makes people see our talent but must also be good enough to entertain the masses. With the likes of social media like vine, perioscope, twitter and facebook we are capable of building strong fan bases which can potentially turn into our audience. These people are the same people who will watch your web series online or support your crowdfunding campaign for your latest short film project.

Knowing the kind of success that can lead from this I took the opportunity to start writing and got every screenwriting book available to teach myself a foreign craft. Now I was the one putting pen to paper and having the ability to have people read the words I wrote. It became one of the most librating experiences and I throughly recommend ALL actors to write.

I started off writing ideas that came me but the best pieces I wrote were the ones I knew inside out because I had experienced something very close to the topic. They say 'write what you know' and this couldn't be more true!

I'm currently in the first stages of production for a short film I wrote called 'IDOL'. This will be my production companies first film and hopefully the start of many more to come. I truly believe this story can help change the lives of others and make something incredible. We all know movies are expensive and this is no exception. We need money to pay the cast and crew, get equipment, permits, location fees, etc and would love if you could contribute anything you can to our indiegogo campaign No amount goes unnoticed!

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And tell everyone you know about it! The more people who know, the better chance we have of making this film!

If you’re in Los Angeles and are interested in working on this film, or have a resource we can use – feel free to contact me at - We’re looking for Producers, Line Producers, Grips, Gaffers, Production Assistants, and more.

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