November 11, 2015 at 6:12AM, Edited November 11, 6:12AM


Your favorite gimbal moves/scenes

Hey guys,

I am searching for inspiration for using my gimbal. I am pretty fond of programming and trying stuff.
I am using a Pilotfly H1+ and a GH2.
What got me hooked was this early video of the MoVi:

I acutall straped my Pilotfly to a rope and used this move for a video installation we did a month ago, with some practice it worked a charm and it looks awesome.
Something I tried a few weeks ago. Being a one man band, I wanted a steady forward movement while still be able to frame my shot. So I straped the Pilotfly to my bike and programmed a move. This is more of a case study, but if you are alone without a second operator this could be a great option.

What are your favorite moves, coolest scenes shot with a gimbal?


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