April 16, 2016 at 2:07AM, Edited April 16, 2:55AM


What is 'ZELOPHOBIA'? What does it have to do with Jealousy? Why hasn't it been discussed before?


Hey guys, here I intend to bring to you my debut short film. I've always wanted to tap my creativity into something real unconventional and experimental. And that has always been my motive. In this one we've tried to bring about the concept of 'Zelophobia', which dwells amongst all of us but not many realize it. Zelo is a short film based on the concept of Zelophobia. Zelophobia is defined as the constant fear of jealousy or intense emotion. Some people who suffer from zelophobia are so severely impacted that they repress all emotions. This can lead to the individual feeling no emotions at all which may lead to more detrimental mental health problems. This is exactly what we've portrayed in our project. And frankly, it wasn't easy (as expected). There were a lot of hindrances while pre, during and post filming. So do check it out and I'll be expecting your honest reviews!

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