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10k to Spend. is a sensor worth investing in.

I've been shooting videos for about five years now, mostly borrowing or renting gear. since the freelance market in my area is starting to take off and i've been getting alot more jobs, i've decided to invest in my own gear. i was looking at getting a refurbished Ursa mini Pro for 5-6k. My question is would I be better off, investing less in the camera body, which will be outdated in two years and spend more on glass and other equipment like Gimbal, lights, recorders ect... or is the bang for the buck of the ursa mini pro worth the investment?

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The GH5 is amazing, but don't forget that video monitoring is also an important part of the kit. The Atomos SHOGUN recorder/monitor provides a great monitor with helpful tools (focus, waveform, vectorscope, LUT, etc) that allow you to really optimize your image capture. Without an external monitor you have to use a screen that's too small, with focus peaking that's too generous (to the camera, not the image).

You should also audition the Blackmagic camera for its color quality. I never liked BM's color. I do like GH4/GH5. Color is very much a matter of preference, so really important that you like the color you are buying. LUTs can only do so much...

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