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24fps or 25fps for Web Series?

Hi everyone,

I'm in pre on a 6x 10 minute web series I'm producing / directing and we'll be shooting with 4K ProRes 422 with the Blackmagic Production Camera.

I'm in Australia where our frame rate standard is 25fps and I've never shot anything at 24fps before but this time I'm considering it as this is a drama/comedy rather than commercial/corporate production.

My question is, should I shoot it in 25p or 24p?

Apart from online I would hope to attract a sales agent to sell the series to networks in Australia and possibly internationally for TV broadcast and mobile device/online catch-up TV mediums.

Which frame rate would you choose to shoot in and why?

Cheers, Ben
Director/Producer, Global Pictures
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I usually work with 25 but 24 is better for cinema look. Is a small change but it's great. :D

February 24, 2015 at 5:31AM

Ragüel Cremades
Film producer and director

different consideration :
web series = web = computer screen or mobile = 60hz ->30 fps
if you shoot 24/25 for a media that work in 60hz you risk to see some problems on pan, fast movement and more...
everytimes you work for web you must work in web like scan, mean 30fps in all world.
i live in italy, we too use pal 25fps, but for web is not enought good be cause if you see shooting of pan you can see a step (1frame every 5) when you see on computer.
25 is good only for tv, 24 only for theather, 30 for computer and web...
cinema look is working good on light, framing, and cinematic camera motion, not related to fps... it's like to tell that old 1900'movie are more cinematic than today be cause them are shooted and played at 18fps...
if you want to sell on NTSC market (USA and Jap) 30fps are good.
From 30 to 25 is doable without big pain, from 25 to 30 is more difficult and with less quality.

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Carlo Macchiavello

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