May 30, 2015 at 6:40AM

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3.5mm Female to XLR Male Adaptor (Connecting Lavs to Zoom H6)

Hi all,

This is a question you may expect from a newbie, so please don't be harsh :)

I have 3 cheap lavs and a Zoom H6. While recording the ambient sound with H6's XY mic or MS unidirectional mic, I want to record also two more person's sound (let's say correspondent and interviewee) with plugging in these two lav to XLR inputs. I searched for a adapter on Google, B&H but failed due to lack of technical information.

And yes, H6's XY mic has an input for lavs and feeds with plugin power. But, first, it's just for 1 lav, second, while it's working for lav input XY mic doesn't function.

Does anyone suggest any walkaround or any DIY cable solutions?

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