January 27, 2015 at 8:08PM

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A7S Metabones Blues

I have had a Canon 5dII and have been renting 5dIII for years now, with nice results. I have nice Canon glass -- so I rented an Sony A7S this week and brought it on a gig. I have never witnessed such inconsistencies in a camera. I know it must be the Metabones adapter. I noticed on another post a guy said he liked the Commlite adapter for the A7S. The issues I had were: cam not turning on, no ability to change aperture and recording just ending on its own. I want to love this cam (full frame and 60fps at 1080). Does someone have an insight?

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I have the Commlite. My range of lenses is pretty limited, but out of the few autofocus lenses that I do have, I have had zero problems. I mostly use vintage lenses at the moment so they're all manual, but my nifty fifty, my old 18-55mm kit, and a crappy tamron zoom lens work pretty flawlessly. Plus it's way cheaper than the Metabones.

February 3, 2015 at 12:27PM

Brad Tennant
Director / Cinematographer

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