March 7, 2016 at 6:48PM

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A7SII And Sekonic L-758Cine

I just bought a Sony A7SII and I have a Sekonic L-758cine but sometimes I can't use it because the lightmeter doesn't go more than 8000 ISO, so I would like to ask you guys if some of you are using a lightmeter with your A7S. And also if you now where can I download a camera profile for the camera so I can import it to the sekonic.

I did a research and found out that I could do this profile by myself and it is very easy, but my problem is that I live in Argentina and getting a Exposure Profile Target II (Grey Scale Card) that is needed is really hard to get it because import laws in the country so I can't just order it on Amazon, and if I find one in Argentina is going to be way too expensive.

Thanks a lot.

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