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A7sii worth the money?

I'm a film student and I want to buy a good camera too shoot my own films on and hopefully help my classmates to shoot theirs. I'm really leaning towards buying the sony a7sII. Would it be a good investment?

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The A7S II is a really exceptional camera. Internal 4K, full frame sensor, super low light capabilities, internal sensor-based stabelizer, S-log2 and S-log3, XAVC S codec, no moire or aliasing at all. In my eyes it's the best DSLR/DSLM type of camera to film right now on the market.

But it comes at a price. It's 3.500€ right now which might be a little too much for a student. Consider you also need something like lenses, microphones, audio devices, tripods, rigs and on and on.

It's not like you just can invest about 75-80% of your money just into the camera body and the rest of the gear you want to buy will be fit into the rest of your money. You have to see the camera just as a component of your setup. Like the lens, the rig, tripod etc.

It's not that I don't want you to buy this camera. If you have the money do it! But keep in mind that you also need all the other goodies.

The worst technical decission I see to often at other people's setups is that they have bought a expensive camera and use it with a cheap lens that will give them a grappy image.

The lens gives the camera the light to capture. And if the light is rubbish the camera only captures rubbish. So don't just think about the camera if you think on how to spend your money on equipment. See the entire gear setup.

Yes, the A7S II is an amazing camera. And it's definitely worth its price. But if you have only $5K entirely to spend on money it might be the wrong choice.

If you want super low light take the A7S I. If you want 4K take the GH4. If you need an allrounder thake the A7 II. They are amazing cameras as well (speaking out of my own experience as well as I talk about the A7S II).

And last but not least: The camera does not capture the image. The camera does not take some amazing footage and stills. The person behind the camera does.

I hope that will help you with you decission.

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