January 4, 2016 at 5:01PM


Adapters & Sony A7s ii

Hey folks. I'm researching the A7s ii + lenses a lot lately and confused on one point.. lenses.

Do adapters like Metabones really AF well? I'm worried AF on any adapted lens will be crap.

I shoot documentary, promotional and short film style stuff and occasionally take still photos for friends/family. AF would be nice for both film and stills (especially stills). I have always loved the look of Canon but would consider other options.

I'm seriously considering purchasing the camera (don't own any lenses - currently borrow or rent from friends) and wondering what the best route to go would be:

1. Canon lens(es) with adapter and manual focus for all needs
2. Canon lens(es) with adapter and manual focus for video + Sony zoom for photo and AF needs
3. All Sony lens(es) for varying needs and AF

Would appreciate any thoughts from you guys and experiences you've had. I want to make a solid choice and could use some other opinions. Thanks in advance.

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