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Adding Copyright Info to a Script

I was just wondering if I should add the copyright info to a script before handing it out. As in, my name and date, at the bottom of the pages and maybe the cover too?
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A standard cover page should have the name of the movie, authors, and you can put a date of the draft, email, phone etc. That's all you really need.

I'll nerd out on this a little because I had to research it over the years.
Copyright is an often misunderstood concept. Once you write something and make it real, i.e. put it on paper it is technically "copyrighted". You can go to the US Copyright office website to make it official (and by the way you'll need that if you ever shoot something yourself when it comes time to get insurance/title clearance).

What I do suggest is registering the script with the Writer's Guild. Not really legally binding but it's an industry practice and good for determining the time when something was written.

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Seth Hymes
Producer, Writer

Thanks a million for this, Seth. I am familiar with using the US Copyright office and all, I was just really keen to know what the Title Page and subsequent pages should look like, regarding any necessary information. Thanks again!

Evandro Rosolen

November 28, 2018 at 11:48PM

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