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Additional filmmaking gear for Lumix G7

Hello everyone. I made a post on NFS regarding lenses for my G7. Having had a bit more of a practice with the camera, I now think I'm ready to create a few short films with it.
At the moment I have a cheap Roxsen FD to MFT focal reducer (Metabones is out of my price range), one Aputure Amaran AL-H198 light, canon fd 28mm 2.8 and I'm considering buying the fd 50mm 1.4.
My sound recordist already has a zoom h4n + a movo condenser mic.

I have considered buying an external monitor, however they turn off when the G7 is recording (so I've heard).

What other equipment would you recommend? Should I make do with what I already have for now? (I also have final cut pro)

Thank you in advance.


Get some harddrives for you computer. Because you will film in 4K. The files aren't that large for a 4K file but it's still 100 Mbit/s. That's 12,5 MB/s. If you record about an hour of film you will have about 45 GB. About 1 TB will be fine.

I also recommend a cage. It doesn't have to be a fancy expensive one which is especially made for your camera. Just a universal cage will do it. It keeps your overall setup smaller.
In general look for a rig. And a follor focus. Maybe a matebox if you think you need one.

ND filters are a must. Otherwise you have to shoot with closed apertures like f/22. Then your image will look like from a camcorder. I recommend buying one variable ND filter with 82mm lens diameter and a kit of step-up adaptors so you only have to buy one filter and can use it for all your lenses. And bet afraid of the prices of those NDs. They can be expensive (I just saw one for about $800). One for about $70-100 will do a very good job in the beginning.

Maybe you also want a Pol (or CPL) filter. That basically reduces reflections from glass etc.

A monitor is not necessary as I think. It's nice to have one in certain situations but you can work arround it. An the G7 has a rotating monitor as well as a EVF so you'll be fine. (And also consider that a good monitor will cost you at least $300-400).

And maybe som batterys. You can never have enough of those.

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Eric Halbherr
Director, DP, Editor, Creative Storyteller

Thankfully I already have a 1TB hard drive, but I think I'll get another one to be safe. I've not really considered filters, but I guess it's time I invest in some. Thanks a lot for the info.


May 29, 2016 at 4:22AM

Eric, what ND filter brands with step rings can you recommend considering most of us G7 users have a very limited budget?

G7 Hound

May 30, 2016 at 10:56PM

Tiffen Variable ND filters are nice that doesn't break the bank.

One of my other favorite filters are the Black Pro-Mist filters. They help take the digital edge off so it doesn't look overly sharpened(different from film sharp/focus. Still don't know a good way to explain it. It still looks sharp but won't have that video/camcorder feel). These can get pricey if your using the square filters, but the circular filters are decently priced.

I would just suggest not going very cheap when you buy filters(like those $20 ones you see on amazon), because you will be very unhappy, they ruin images and then you go out and have to buy the better ones, so in essence you buy them twice.

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As many cards and batteries as you can afford. Also expand your light kit. Maybe get two more of that light you already have, also rigging for those lights, batteries too. Stands or clamps usually are decent buys that will get used. You didnt mention having a tripod, definitely get one if you dont have one. You dont need much but if you get into rigging (follow focus, Light, evf) the G7 you'll want more than a set of small sticks to support the rig. Maybe a small slider, dont pay more than $60 until you learn to properly pull focus. Even something like a pockey dolly might do you right.
As far as lenses get the breadth, as wide an FD as you can afford, you already have the 28,35,50,85,135 and anything beyond is becoming for more fun than function. Same lensing can help you achieve the image you want everytime.
Aside from all that just extension cords, maybe an ac adapter for the G7 if it doesnt come with one. Have stuff like gaffers tape, blackout foil and gels. Clothespins too, god those are useful. Learn to rig your sets and properly light your image so when you start getting into hiring anyone you know their job well enough to clearly explain what you want.

May 31, 2016 at 5:32PM

Chris Hackett
Director, Director of Photography, Writer

Great info! Thank you :)


June 1, 2016 at 6:40AM

I would buy first the canon fd 50mm1.4, then a good tripod, and then a cheap light kit with at least 3light and tripods. A magic arm is cheap and always usefull. Of course first make sure you have enough memory and batteries for a day of shooting. Then I would buy a good camera mic like a rode micro as it is always usefull to have a decent sound from the camera perspective. After that you can also get a wider lense, a slider, a stabiliser.

I wouldn't buy ND filter as the cheap ones arent that good, they makes ugly reflexion and they also alter the colors, and for the price of a good ND you can get many decent old lenses. Same for the cage, use that money to buy good lenses. And honestly it's really ok without ND, you can play with the shutter speed to adjust exposure while keeping wide aperture.

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Appreciate the advice. Thank you :)


June 1, 2016 at 6:41AM

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