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Advice crowdfunding

Hi, we have started a crowdfunding to help us finance the finishing of the feature film we did.
So far it's working well but our backers are only people we know, the issue is that all our friends have participate and even if it is close to the end, it's not moving anymore and we can't reach a wilder audiance.

What do you think of the crowdfunding? Would you change something ? What would you do to reach people that you don't already know ?
Thank you for your feedback !

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It looks like you got over your goal, congrats! But as for advice, I was advised to have a lot of Facebook friends, not just people that you don't know but rather people your friends are friends with, if you have over a thousand, I was told, you'd have a successful campaign.

February 13, 2017 at 2:22PM


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