October 17, 2014 at 1:47PM


Advice for setting exposure on anything other than DSLR?

So I'm extremely used to operating DSLRs and know all about setting correct exposure within them (moving the box to the allocated area, half pressing the shutter).

Anyway, recently I've been using different cameras that don't use this method of setting exposure, cameras like the A7S, A6000 or BMCC.

How can you be certain you are getting the best exposure with these types of camera? What I've done so far is expose until I get zebras then work from there. Any other advice?

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If your camera has "Zebra" displays you can set these up for the exposure levels you want them to trigger on. ( I use a 100 percent "Zebra" display so I know what parts of my image are going to be over-exposed )

Otherwise, if you're using an EVF or monitor that has either a "False Color" display or waveform display, you can use these tools to set your exposure. ( these are not as fast to work with as "Zebras" but they provide you with more info )

Lastly the good old incident lightmeter works well if you've calibrated your camera for it ( 400 ISO on one camera might not be the same as 400 ISO on another camera ) and know how to take a proper reading with it.

October 19, 2014 at 12:58PM

Guy McLoughlin
Video Producer

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