February 10, 2016 at 8:49AM


Any Advice?

I've recently made a short film over the past month, and I probably need some insider criticism. The crowd I've showed this to has usually been made up of people who don't know much about film, so they all think it's great, but I'm skeptical. If you guys would give me some feedback, that would really help my next project. Don't go easy, it's my first film, I need it.


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In the beginning while the guy is driving all the lights are on in the car. Now, obviously you needed that to light him, but no one drives with all those lights on. Try getting a small LED you can place on the dashboard at the subject's face, acting like headlights coming in the opposite direction.

Watch for your reflection in things! You're visible in the doorknob CU around 1:55.

Jump cuts are good and effective here, but make sure to keep the camera in place while doing it, so it's not jarring in the movement of the camera.

Check your audio levels throughout. The music is all higher than the guy speaking. I would just make it equal volumes since usually both aren't at the same time.

Good variation on shots. Funny story. Are you influenced by Wes Anderson?

February 12, 2016 at 11:24AM

Brittany Nisco

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