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Any Advice on Choosing a 3-axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilier

I brought a new Canon 5D last week for taking short films since I got a new job as cinematographyer in a studio. I need a professional camera stabilization tool of my own that can be perfectly with this camera. I heard about the the following three handheld gimbals and would like to choose the best one since their price tags have little difference:

Ronin M: http://www.dji.com/product/ronin-m
MOZA Lite: http://www.gudsen.com/moza-lite.html
CAME TV: http://www.came-tv.com/camera-gimbal-came7800-toolless-c-59_76.html?zeni...


I am considering the Ronin M and the Moza Lite. I have handled the Ronin M with a SONY A7S, and it seems to work great. A few reviewers report problems of the Ronin M drifting in the horizontal axis, but I would think that issue will be addressed by DJI. The Ronin M can carry more weight and has a full function wireless controller, while the Moza Lite can be ordered with thumbwheel controller, wireless transmitter and monitor. The Moza Lite costs less than a similarly equipped Ronin M. The Moza Lite just started shipping, so I hope to see reviews about this one soon.

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David Patterson

I have the ronin m and its pretty great. At first I wasn't so happy with the footage but have since found out that for lighter set ups you really need to manually tune the stiffness settings rather than just relying on the app. There's a lot of pretty mechanical looking footage across the internet and this might be why. If you tune it properly it works great! Regarding the horizontal drift axis mentioned above, thats just because users haven't calibrated the gimbal (this is separate from tuning). Lots of people miss it because its hidden in the menus on the app.
The Moza lite looks really interesting. I only got the ronin M right away because I had jobs I needed it for now. If I were you I would wait for reviews and see how it compares. Their promo video looks great though and it seems to be a much better (on paper) all-in-one package for lighter one-person camera set ups vs the ronin m which also allows you to do dual operator and carry heavier cameras.
Given the low price of both the moza and the ronin m I wouldn't consider the came. Although they're constantly improving so you never know what they might offer....

And also one last point - don't be fooled by the "light weight" tag associated with these gimbals. They're still heavy and take some strength to operate for long periods of time. Also if you're just doing walking/following shots a normal (and much cheaper) steady cam will get you the same footage.

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Mark Relf
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