November 7, 2016 at 6:21AM

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Any idea how to achieve this "object tracking" effect?

Hey guys, I want to ask you how I could pull something like this off:

The effect starts at 1:23, and more examples of it follow from there. The effect manages to make the "camera" move around a fixed position in the frame, and it's clear that the camera wasn't rigged to said objects to make the effect. In the video you see it with: a hand strumming a guitar, a head bobbing in the crowd, a hand holding a mic, and a woman holding a mic. They are moving and the movement of the frame is centered around it.

It creates this distorted, focused moving-with-the-motion and I'm really digging it and want to play around with it for a project I'm doing.

My first instinct tells me that it could be done with a stabilizer that's been tweaked heavily to reference a moving object as it's "Stable point" (I dont know the technicalities so bear with the possibly incorrect terminology)

I've tried a number of searches online but none have gotten me to anything like this, mostly because I dont know what this effect would be called. NFS is my go-to community at the moment, so if theres another forum somewhere that might better be suited for this question, please let me know, I would also appreciate that.


What it looks like to me is that somebody went to that show with a camera and the intention of just moving with the music, fully, like everybody else. Then comes the laborious process of digging through hours of footage to find some cases where the camera locks on to an interesting reference point. Then comes the long-running process of letting Warp Stabilizer do its magic around the subject of interest. Then comes the task of speeding up or slowing down the footage so that it somewhat matches music that may have been played that night, or by that band some time in its history, but which was almost certainly not playing when the footage was captured.

As to how to move organically with others in motion: study dance. Then make the camera dance with its subjects.

November 7, 2016 at 7:18AM


Google 'reverse motion tracking'. This is essentially tracking the moving object with a match moving software like Mocha and then telling the original footage to centre around it, giving the illusion that the camera is locked to it.

You want some high res footage for best results (4k on a HD timeline for example).

November 7, 2016 at 5:56PM, Edited November 7, 5:56PM

Nick Kelly

Yes! That seem's to be in the right ball park, I think it's a matter of doing that then tweaking it until I get the desired effect. Thanks!

Ehab Eazy Ismail

November 13, 2016 at 3:06AM

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