November 25, 2018 at 9:15AM


Any movies similar enough to the style of “ The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”?

I’m not sure if this this kind of post is acceptable on here, but I was wondering if there’s screenplays out there similar to the movie I mentioned? I actually really enjoyed this movie and I thought of this idea with a similar fantasy element to it I believe and I’m just trying to learn all I can about writing these particular kinds of movies. I’m also searching for some coming of age type stories, I really love these types of stories and it would have similar themes to my story as well. I’m 18 and I want to try screenwriting and I’m trying to learn all I can. I already have a idea that I need to tweak some more and think of more details and stuff before I even get to writing a first draft. And while we are on the subject any tips you would like to share about making good screenplays for a newbie?

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My first suggestion would be to try and identify what it is you liked about that particular film? It's hard to do, sometimes liking a film is just a feeling, but articulating what worked will help you tremendously as you figure out what kind of projects you want to write.

It'll also help others suggest films that are similar based on what precisely you reasonated with on that film.

November 26, 2018 at 2:03PM

Charles Haine

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