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Anyone own or used the Ronin-M? Thoughts?

My company is getting ready to buy one. I'm pretty excited. I've used the Ronin, but we are mostly shooting w dslrs. What's your experience with the M?

I'm also very curious if it's easy to travel with it built. Can I throw it in a car, pop out and shoot? How much time does it take to be prepped?


Jeremy - I have the Ronin M and use it with the A7S and I love it. All together I love how light it is and the quality of shots I'm able to pull off with it.

In my experience, it needs to be set down on it's stand when its not in use (unlike something like the Defy G2X). So in that respect, I don't think you can just throw it in a car, pop out and shoot with it much like you can with a 5D mounted on a small shoulder rig. I imagine laying it down on its side while traveling, or even on its stand in the backseat may throw off the balance a bit to the point where you may need to re-balance it when you get to your destination.

You'll definitely need to buy a case for it as it doesn't come with one. Yesterday, on the way home I decided to stop by a park and get some shots since I had the Ronin in my trunk packed away in its case. It took me about 3-4 minutes to get up and going, but that's probably because I really only use one camera + lens combo on it. If someone gave me a different camera and lens combo to get up and going, I imagine I may need 15-20 minutes to get it balanced.

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Question for the Ronin owners:

Is there a way to mount the Ronin to a monopod similarly to the Allsteady Motion?

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