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ASK NFS - found footage

Hi there godcast pods.

I’m interested in making a collage film of unknown 8mm, 16mm and VHS footage. I find it a really interesting story, editing and Doco directing challenge that doesn’t take a lot of budget and crew to make. Although it mostly for fun I would like to put up somewhere or enter it in festivals when made. (Although at this stage I’m not what the form is)

Now the thing is the footage I will use is I don’t have yet, I’ll be buying ‘lots’ of home movies of unknown source from eBay and other vendors. Most of the footage will likely be from the 1950s-70s.

Now the question is, is it legal to use this footage without releases of the participants/even knowing who they are? Is their an amount of time that passes before the footage is ok to use in a public setting without releases?

Because the footage is likely home movies it wouldn’t fall under the person being in a public setting so it’s ok to film them. How would I or could I navigate this?

I am in Australia so it is likely different but I would still be interested in the American perspective as likely the footage will come from there.

Kindest regardest Mucho appreciado

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I’m interested in making a collage film of unknown 8mm, 16mm

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