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Beginner Question -- About the GoPro Hero 4K

So, I'm a newbie at filmmaking. I'm still close enough to the viewing audience that I may not be able to articulate what I mean in technical terms but I can tell when something feels right or not.

My question is about the GoPro Hero 4K whose footage is here:

So, there are parts of it that feel excellent, almost film-like or at least comparable to the HD we normally see in movie theaters or watch on TV nowadays and other parts that feel very "video-y" to a layman (perhaps not a cinematographer but to the every day viewing audience).

I can't put my finger on why. Is it the frame rate? Some clips seem like they are 60 (the slow mo rate I'm assuming that looks awesome), others 30 (many of the shots with lots of lights like the car racing ones feel very video-y). Is it because the camera is so light weight that it's bounced around so much that it feels like I'm watching another edition of Paranormal Activities?

What could someone do, if shooting with a Hero 4K to make it really feel like film? Convert it using one of those After Effects plugins? If they made the frame rate 24p in post, would it look weird if originally shot in a higher frame rate? What else?

I appreciate your help and knowledge.


I notices it as well, as with whenever someone includes a Gopro insert shot in a major film or TV show, it is extremely noticeable and takes me out of the scene. It's the Gopro look. The combination of a super wide angle shot of something fairly close to camera (which makes the distortion of the wide angle lens more noticeable) as well as not having an highlight source of light (such as the sun) that makes the overall shot look flat and un-cinematic. Having a wide contrast ratio in the shots is what makes them interesting and appealing to the eye. when everything has a very similar exposure value, there isn't anything that draws the eye, or gives reference for a light source, and thus the scene looks boring, harsh, or video-ish.

Kind of a rambled explanation, but that's my analysis.

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Dan Hoene

Dan have right but it's more. You can have the film look with a plugin that reduce the distorsion and shooting in a 4K, allow to make digital zoom and the result it's amazing. Look in (or net) and look for your self :D

September 29, 2014 at 11:35PM

Ragüel Cremades
Film producer and director

Thanks, Dan & Ragüel!

September 30, 2014 at 5:06AM

Jeff Rivera
Writer | Producer

Basically it has to do with what you are shooting with it. Since GoPro has this unique look, if you shoot things that were supposed to be shot with another camera (for example of Super 35mm size), then they will look distorted and unnatural. You need to treat it as a speciality camera and use it for those certain shots that ask for this look.
For example, if you watch movies like Rush (2013) or Need for Speed (2014), you won't be able to pick out the GoPro shots.

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Stelios Kouk

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