April 21, 2015 at 8:16AM

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Best camera for recording live performances

Looking to help some friends out who work with a traveling dance competition. They are looking to upgrade from their sony hvr-z1u. Their workflow is pretty specific, they record to tape on the camera as a backup, and record to cf card with an external recorder in order to pull from the card and be able to print dvd clips of each dance performance on the spot for parents wishing to buy a copy of their children's performance. They also run two audio lines out, one to an external audio mixer, sorry I'm not sure exactly which mixer they use, and they also run to their house audio setup. I just know it's all ran through XLR cables. They also run hdmi out from the camera to a splitter that goes to a monitor for the camera operator and then to backstage to as a preview monitor. Their budget is around $4,000 and are willing to spend a little more for a good setup. Any one know of a camera that can run with this workflow and also if their are no solutions for recording to tape, what would you recommend for an alternative way for them to have backups of everything they record? Please note they record ALOT of dances in one weekend of work. I used to run camera for them and we would go through sometimes 80-100 mini dv 1-hour tapes in one weekend.

Any help you guys could offer would be appreciated.

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Unless you want to buy a used camera, MiniDV tapes are pretty much dead technology.

Today almost every camera uses memory cards, so I would look a good ENG style camera from Panasonic or Sony, and then use a laptop to burn DVDs from the video footage recorded on the memory cards.

I would start with the Panasonic AC130A camera or the Sony NX3 camera, both of these have a long parfocal lens and perform well in low light.

Also, there are video editors that will allow you to edit your footage without having to re-encode, so you can go in an chop out a section of your video and then burn it to a DVD disc.

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