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Best Cases for Tripods + Sliders

Preparing to go on a few trips soon flying to a couple different locations to shoot interviews--needing a case to transport tripods and slider, and eventually Kesslers Second Shooter system as well. I've looked into Tenbas but have had trouble finding real world reviews. Any recommendations?


I looked for hard cases for tripod and slider travel for a long time. There's lots of well-built, sturdy cases for sale - at a big cost. I ended up purchasing a hard case for golf club travel...for $10 at a yard sale. It's awesome, fits my Vinten 10 in it's Portabrace soft case and I pack light stands and slider in their soft cases around it. And it locks. Have had no trouble with airlines...some even give us "golfers" a break on checked baggage.

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Dana Hopper
Digital Cinematographer / Editor

I second the golf club case idea. It works, just add a lot of packaging material!

David S.

September 5, 2014 at 8:21AM

We've flown packing tripods, stands, and sliders into standard suitcases. It works if you don't fly too often (2-3 times a year), but the gear does take a beating over time. Hard cases are always the most durable, but come with a weight penalty.

Pelican released a new line of hard, lightweight suitcases: Pelican ProGear Elite Luggage that weighs under 16 lb for their largest size. Unfortunately, the largest size isn't very large for tripods/light stands.

The Pelican Storm iM3220 has an interior length of 44" and weighs 20 lb w/o foam. The Pelican 1740 has an interior length of 41" and weighs 22 lb w/o foam (the depth is 50% thicker). Even though the weights are similar, the 1740 just looks a lot bigger, while the Storm case visually looks less intimidating.

September 5, 2014 at 8:23PM

Oliver Peng

I had this same problem. Any slider - even well built ones like kessler - will not perform well if the rails become nicked or scratched in the suitcase. I ended up settling on some padded tripod cases. Fairly cheap.

September 5, 2014 at 10:41PM

Cinematographer, Editor, Director

I flew my tripod to the UK a year ago for some landscape stuff and I did this by finding a massive poster mailing tube and packing my tripod and case into that with some bubble wrap. Worked great except when it missed a plane... This isn't a good solution for multiple uses or frequent fliers, but it worked great for me considering it was only two flights and was a cheap, disposable solution!

September 6, 2014 at 12:52PM

Aidan Gray
Director of Photography Assistant Camera | Gaffer

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