July 11, 2016 at 11:07PM


Best Film Distribution Strategy for No Budget Film

I'm about to embark on making a no budget film in a couple of months and just wanted to think about distribution now, before we start.

I'm a realist and fully aware I won't be screening up against any of the major blockbusters in your local cinema.

This film is more of a labour of love in terms of creativity. But having said that, It would be nice to have people see the work that I've done and make back my investment (at least).

So I have two questions:

Firstly just wanted to get some thoughts about self distribution vs small established distribution companies?

Is self distribution more the path to go now days? I'm kind of weary of handing the film to a no-name distributor who just buries it in their catalogue.

Also, I have been researching self distribution or potential revenue streams, and just wanted to get thoughts on which might be the best for a no budget independent film?


As a guide, I kind of came up with this plan:

Initial Release
- Amazon Video Direct
- DVD/ Bluray on Website
- BitTorrent Now

Additional Revenue
- Stock footage websites

12 months later
- Post Movie Free - YouTube Advertising

Was thinking Vimeo Pro but not sure I'd make money back on it. Same goes for services for like distribber which I see pop up in conversation often regarding iTunes etc

Love to hear anyone thoughts on their experiences.

I'm hoping to make a definitive list so that if producers know what their film is they can follow the best path for maximum exposure and $$$

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