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Best Imac Upgrades for Premiere Pro

I am looking to buy a dedicated Premiere Pro editing machine. As I am bootstrapping my production startup company, I have a pretty tight budget, the 1080p or 4k imac's seem to fit the bill, though I had been looking at the macbook pro's as well.

I do mainly commercial projects with a few doc passion project thrown in sometimes. Almost always 1080p workflow.
What upgrades are most important for Premiere and/or Final Cut?
1. Processor
2. Ram
3. SSD


If you're going full on Premiere go for a windows system. You can get much better specs for the price and it will be faster than if you use it on a Mac machine. If you intend to use FCPX stick to it because it will be much faster than premiere on a Mac.
If you choose a windows machine go for a i7, a nvidia 10 series card. For ram and storage it depends on your needs.

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Herman Delgado
Filmmaker, Editor

RAM and SSD are most important for video editing. Because then you have a lot of multi task capability and also a fast drive to store data.

December 10, 2016 at 10:31AM

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