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Best Lens for shooting unboxing videos?

Hi Guys,

I am filming some overhead product unboxing videos and I cant seem to get enough things in focus at the same time.

The camera I am shooting with is a Canon 7D (cropped sensor) with Kit Len 18mm - 135mm

Do you think I am setting the aperture too low or should I just use a better wide lens so that anything close to the lens is in focus?

Your help is appreciated.

Thank you.


A better question to ask is: what's the best sensor size for shooting unboxing videos? If you want a deep depth of field, you should look at sensors smaller than APS-C. The GH4 (and now GH5) are very popular YouTube cameras, in part because if you do want shallow DOF you can get it, but you don't have to struggle so hard to get a deep DOF when that's appropriate.

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As Michael stated, a camera with a smaller sensor will give you a lot more depth of field. If you want almost infinite depth of field then an iPhone 6 or iPhone 7, or a consumer camera like the Panasonic X920 will have virtually everything in focus all the time.

August 27, 2017 at 8:31PM

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