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Best Lenses for videomaking

Hey Guys!
I have recently purchased the a6300 with the kit lens!
I am looking foward to spend some more money on lenses, but not so much haha.
I Pretend to buy 2 or 3 new lenses.
I need one for gimbal/glidecam work and I am thinking about the sigma 19mm f2.8 for action shots and sport shots
And the other one I want to buy is a 50mm focal leghnt lens,
I am thinking about the sony 35mm f1.8 wich everybody says it is a great lens but It is also so expensive that makes me question if I should buy a zeiss touit 32mm, other lens that got my attention was the slr magic 50mm f1.1, I dont know wich one to choose, I mays choose two between the zeiss , sony and slr magic because I wanted a lens so I could produce some more creative work and indie films and still want the option to use it for some sport shots and wedding videos. ( wich I think the sr magic may not be ever use-able for sports but wedding maybe?)


It's interesting that you say you don't want, "to spend too much money on lenses".

To me lenses is always your first investment. Why? Camera models will, "come and go", but lenses will remain. Meaning, investment in good lenses will outlast multiple camera models.

A couple things to consider:
1) Video or Stills: While most lenses can bridge between the two, you do have to make compromises. For stills work, some form of OIS or Auto Focus ability is really useful. For video work, manual aperture and proper ergonomics (focus throw, gears for follow focus, etc), would be ideal.

2) Manual vs. Electronic Aperture: Manual aperture lenses for me are more flexible since with simple mechanical adapter you can mount them on almost anything.

3) Image Circle: Basically, up to what format (Full Frame, APSC/Super35, M4/3, Super16, etc) will the lens cover. A larger image circle can always cover smaller formats, thus more future proof, but not the other way around.

4) Can't "live without" focal length: Determine the one focal length you can't live without (could be the one you use most). Invest in that first! For me it's somewhere between a 23 - 35mm for Super35/APSC sized cameras.

Hope that helps a lil'!

June 30, 2016 at 5:23AM

John Dimalanta
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Clark McCauley

June 30, 2016 at 7:28AM

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