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best sync sound equipment under $1500

Whats the best sync sound equipment under $1500.not for youtube nor documentaries but for professional films.Been confused with mixer/and preamp.Doesnt the mixer dont have preamps??.To get clear audio,do i need to definately buy an preamp devices?? Any suggestionswill be greatly helpful.


If you are not including mics, I'm looking forward to owning the money to buy a Sound Devices Mix-Pre 6. It's about €1000,- (inc. taxes) in the Netherlands, has an extremely simple design, 4 XLR/TRS inputs and a noise floor of -145 db.

A passive mixer doesn't have preamps. They are cheap and mostly meant for using on stage to mix various effects. Field mixers can't record, but do have pre-amps. These need to be routed to a recorder or directly to camera. The mix-pre 6 is a field recorder. It has pre-amps and records straight to SD-card. It can also be routed to a different recorder and camera, giving the possibility for back-up/sync-sound.

If you do have to buy mics, the Mix-Pre 6 is on the expensive side. Then a Tascam DR-701D is a nice choice. It's about half the price of the Mix-Pre 6, also has 4 XLR/TRS inputs and can be routed to a camera or recorder. Only the noise-floor is higher and the design is slightly less intuitve. Then there's the Zoom H6, which is another €200,- cheaper than the Tascam. It also has 4 XLR/TRS inputs and can be routed to the camera. This recorder I've used myself. Very versatile, but kinda hard to operate whilst holding a boompole. Then there's the old faithfull Zoom H4n, which is another rough €200,- cheaper. Very reliable, but has a pretty high noise-floor, (only) 2 XLR/TRS inputs and can NOT be routed to another recorder or the camera.The noise-floor is so high that it's important to record pretty close to 0 db, making it harder to keep it from clipping. I hope this info helps ;)

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Auke-Jan Weening

I second the motion for the Tascam which makes alot of digital recorder models at various price levels. Often compared to zoom, but dollar for dollar when the same priced tascam is compared to Zoom, the Tascam will have a more robust enclosure and will have more controls in hardware as opposed to everything in software. Sound quality will be similar, but Tascam has a practice of giving the customer more for their money when compared to the competition (Note All mfg make a variety of models at a variety of price points, so compare models at the same price)

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