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Best workflow for a 3 Camera Shoot

Hi everyone. In early october I'll be directing a 3 camera shoot in a closed studio for a 10 episode comedy web series. I am pretty experienced with production but most big shoots I've been in charge of have been one camera main and maybe a floating cam for pick ups. But this shoot has 7 cast members, 3 cameras and 14 pages of heavy dialogue with all of the cast moving around a room and blocking with the cam. Seems like its gonna be a complicated shoot...
My question is, does anyone have any recommendations as far as the workflow for 3 cameras? we are using a Black magic ursa mini, A BMCC 2.5k, and a BMPC as a floating cam for pick ups. What is the best way to ingest and catalogue the footage on set?


Learn how to slate like a pro:

Or, if your brain works differently and only absorbs visual information, here's a version that you cannot print and take on set but can watch on YouTube:

If your workflow doesn't start with the slate, God help you.

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I figured that would be the very first thing lol. This is one of the rare projects I will be in charge of but not editing myself, so slate will take precedence here like never before!

September 20, 2016 at 11:44AM


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