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Blackmagic Micro or Panasonic GH4??

Looking for some insight. I need a second camera to pair with my BMPCC. Now I have a Canon 70D and matching footage is an absolute nightmare but sometimes I need two cameras and 60fps.

So which route do you recommend (or if you have another route), buy Blackmagic Micro ($995) OR sell my Canon for $600ish and buy a Panasonic GH4 (guessing $600ish with Canon money). GH4 can be used for stills.

How is using the GH4 with the BMPCC? Is it the difference inconvenient enough to dish out the money for the Micro and all its accessories + RAW? I plan to do a lot of music videos and weddings this summer.
Any input would be great!

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The GH4 is a great little camera. That said, if your goal is to match with a BMPCC, I would totally stay within the BMD family rather than branch out to the GH4. There's a lot to be said for having a consistent workflow that's all in one family.

That said, I do myself own a GH4 that I use as a 4th camera to supplement my three RED WEAPON cameras. It's great for shooting BTS footage (which actually benefits from not being too perfectly similar with principal cinematography). And I can make it cut with the REDs by (1) being careful about exposure and grading, and (2) using such a radically different lens (usually extreme wide angle) that one cannot really compare the images between the two. If I had two cameras shooting a scene, one holding the medium shot and one holding the close-up, I would want both to be from the same imaging family.

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