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Blogging tips

I want to start blog about bowling. Can you share some tips for me how to be successful in this?


The main point, of course, is to write a good content for your blog. Try to make your blog posts somehow different from what people may see on other bowling blogs - add videos, cool illustrations or whatever else can make your posts more readable, engaging and interesting. Another important thing is to keep in mind that even a very good blog post needs some promotion to attract visitors, so share your article through social media channels, bowling communities, etc. A good thing is also to allow guest posts in your blog, this will help you accumulate more relevant articles faster.

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You need to create good website with professional and attractive design. It must be responsive and mobile friendly. Also content is very important. If you are beginner I can recommend you to use premium already-made template like this one https://www.templatemonster.com/category/bowling-wordpress-themes/ it is quite simple.

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My best advice aside from structural research, layout, color scheme and other branding fundamentals, is to treat your blog as an experience for readers. Much like planning a great date.

What do you think would offer them the most enjoyment? What kind of interactivity can you add to your blog, that not only broadcasts to your audience, but also allows them to share their insights, preferences, ideas and opinions? Blogs are not a one-way conversation (no digital marketing is).

So if you focus on it as a social community from the start, think of ways to add value to the day of your reader, by entertaining, informing, and giving them resources that somehow make their day/life better.

Build a community.

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