November 20, 2014 at 10:59AM


BMCC 2.5 metabones speed booster for MFT lenses too? I'm confused...

Hey all. New to BMCC and all its technicalities. Can someone please straighten out my confusion about the 2.5K BMCC MFT and the metabones speed booster.

I have a set of MFT lenses (from my GH2). If I get the speed booster, will I be able to use MFT lenses on the MFT BMCC with the speed booster, or is the speed booster designed for non-MFT lenses?

Somehow I got the idea that the speed booster fits MFT BMCC body but it requires other (PL, etc) lenses that are larger than MFT.

Which one is it? Thanks :)


Consider 2 things:

1) A Speedbooster can never (!) work from-to the same mount. No EF-EF, no MFT-MFT. Just a limited amount of combinations allow speedboosting, like EF-MFT, NF-MFT. So your lenses are going to stay exactly the same.

2) The BMCC has a passive mount! Big drawback as it means none of your non-manual lenses are going to fully work on it. No iris control, no Power O.I.S.. And of course, each of your lenes is going to get a tighter field of view due to the smaller sensor size. You need fully manual lenses to actually use this camera to it's fullest potential!

2.5) Even with an active speedbooster, you won't be able to electronically change the iris of an adapted lens (so a Sigma 18-35 is always at f/1.8) or use Image Stabilization (like the really good one on the Canon 24-105 f/4 L).

I ran into a BMPCC pretty much blindfolded and aside of battery, memory and low light issues, the proper usage of glass is a serious thing to consider! Don't run into that if you don't know anything yet. Also, I'd rather suggest the GH4. 4K, 96fps and cheaper while retaining all of your workflow and the way of using your glass. Just saying.

November 20, 2014 at 2:26PM

David Zu Elfe
Jack Of All Trades

Thanks for the advice. You have no idea how hard I was battling with the choice: BMCC vs GH4. What won me over was the "film" feel of the BMCC. I don't do any commercial work. I shoot short films/personal project and I want to replicate the "film" look as closely as possible. While the GH4 is loaded with features, it somehow looks more like video to me. With that said, any suggestions?

Also when you refer to manual lenses to be used with BMCC 2.5K MFT. Can you suggest any good manual ones?

Mike John

November 20, 2014 at 2:42PM

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