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Building a PC for video editing - never built a PC before

Hey there!
I'm going to build a new PC for video editing as my current PC (5 years old) has done its part. I know that Mac has nice features (i have a Mac as well), but it doesn't work for me at all - am not at all comfortable with the Mac for working with video (or anything at all to be quite honest).

I work with mostly short films and commercial work.
I wish to be able to edit 4k video (2k atm) in the future and also be able to use this PC for gaming. Double screen (second will be added with time - i don't have enough room in my current apartment).

Any PC geeks on here that can help me a bit with this task?
I have checked up many self-help manuals, but am a bit stupid on this matter unfortunately.

What are the minimum requirements (component wise) and is there anyone that can lead me to a good self-help website that helps stupid people like me to construct it after all the components have arrived?

Budget ca 1500€.

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As I'm a bit light on the graphics card front, more so than any of the other components, I have been looking around. At the budget end at the moment, the NVidia GTX 1050 Ti and the AMD RX470 are going toe to toe. The AMD is the more powerful card but the Nvidia just has the edge on price and uses much less power. They are pretty much the bottom end for 4K video work but I would happily accept the gift of either.

Notoriously, by the time you read this, the situation may well have changed completely, yet again.

March 17, 2017 at 10:48AM

Julian Richards
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