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C100, a7s or Ursa Mini

So I have been a DSLR shooter for quite a while now and feel like I am ready to get something that offers a little more than my 70d can provide. The dynamic range is okay but I would like more. Also would really love to do 4k. I have used the gh4 and maybe my settings were incorrect but I just wasn't that impressed. So I am considering spending about $3000-5000 on a new rig. I'm thinking maybe c100 mark I only it doesn't offer 4k. The a7s, which doesn't have xlr inputs and is still your typical DSLR form factor. Or the Ursa Mini which uses the expensive cfast cards. If I went with a7s or Ursa mini I would use a shogun to record on cheaper media. I do have the Sony wireless lav so I hear that is pretty easy to use with the a7s. I am not heavily invested in canon lenses but I would probably stick with the ef lenses regardless. Any ideas on what I should do guys?

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I went from 70D to A7S. I was looking for the things 70d did not have: lo-light, slo-mo, great DR. The FF/Crop option on A7S is a major convenience -- each of my primes got a 1.6 "zoom option".

S-log turned out to be impractical but XAVC-S holds up to grading muuuch better than 70D's AVCHD. After two productions I no longer miss the 70D's touch-screen and its best in class autofocus.

The camera is smaller thus freeing up room for a monitor in my bag. Basically the camera's body is just a sensor with a handle. I was just shooting a BTS ( https://instagram.com/p/17QiEmEF6I or 1080p: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B6xL_gxIHZfkRnJlbkh3dmdpaEU&usp=... ) for eight hours straight with a rig on my shoulder, and boy am I grateful for A7S's paper-light weight! The last second in the said clip -- the sparklers -- was shot way after sunset. The ISO was around 4,000 -- the good ole 70D would have chocked on 800, but not the A7S which was just warming up.

Did I mention the DR? On a bright sunny day I no longer have to chose between preserving either highlights or the shadows. I just slap the $30 pack's ND8 and an ND4 and shoot flat (PP6). The image stays sharp, the colors are fully preserved. Color grade in Resolve all you please. So, really happy with the purchase.

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