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C100 issue shoulder rig issue

Hi. I'm really stuck on wondering and am looking for advice. I've had my C100 for a while now. Love the pics.
I bought a shoulder rig and Zacuto evf last week. Shot with it all set up yesterday.
I have to say I'm really bummed with the set up. I need to work fast and I found I just couldn't. It was such an effort to expose, focus and zoom as quick as possible using the rig as i always had to have one hand on the front handles.
I'm really disappointed. It does take the strain off my back but not being able to work as fast is a real issue for me.
I've thought about getting a grip relocator. But then I'm stuck when I want to go back to the tripod and shoot quickly.
And then having to adjust my evf back in a reasonable position when swapping between tripod and rig is impossible on my own.
I'm at a loss as to what I should do. The auto focus upgrade might help slightly with shooting I guess.

I'm interested in what other C100 users do to best get around these problems. Can anyone offer any help?
I'm feeling quite down about the whole thing!

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I used to use shoulder rigs a lot when using DSLR's and thought I could also do the same with the C100. I have been shooting with the C100 for over a year now and discovered there's a lot more to it.
I tried various shoulder rigs from the bigger companies and some smaller ones. Zacuto's Recoil Rig seemed to be the best ergonomically with the grip relocator but at a considerable price. I ended up building my own rig with an Opteka CSX-1 base, Small Rig 15mm rod holders, two 12" rods, a quick release plate. You can see the set up here (around :38) with the 5D on it:

For 10-15 minute takes it works fine, but I'd have to add counter balance to it for anything longer. I used to use a SmallHD 4" with a loupe on it for an EVF, but that just becomes more hassle than it was worth.
What I really like about this setup is that I can switch the C100 quickly and put it on a carbon fiber Miller monopod which gives me a lot of great stability and movement as well It's very basic, but I don't have any issues with reaching the buttons on the C100 or getting ahold of the lens for reframing. Hope you find a solution that works for you.

November 4, 2014 at 2:49PM

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