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Came TV HMI / Par Light (Arri Clone)

Anyone tried this? We want to get a HMI but the cost is pretty steep. Mainly want to use it as a key light for interviews shooting through diffusion. Anyone have experience with this light (it's the cheaper version, not the arri clone). If so, how did it perform? What is the build quality like? How loud is it? (buzzing) Thanks! (Or could anyone suggest any alternatives close to the same price bracket or under 2000


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what's the CRI on it?
Budget HMI's are a lot trickier then clone tungsten just because of the way they work.
They need stable constant voltage to strike, obvious you can get UV radiation if not properly made.
Unlike Tungsten who's bulbs stay hot and you can't notice the flickering, it's very obvious on a HMI if the ballast is not firing at a consistent rate.
How is their customer service?
I also most think it's better to rent.

I personally would go kino if you don't mind the softness or go tungsten.
It's a lot more consistent at a lower cost

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Kazu Okuda

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