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Camera choice

Hi everybody, i am looking for a canera to do short film, i'd like to have the best quality but i have a micro budget. Everybody told me to buy a canon dlsr, and i was looking around.
For what i saw, with a budget of 1000/1200 euro (yeah, i'm italian) i found interesting two options: 750d and 80d. The 2 cameras have kinda the same features, the big difference is in the price (the 80d costs 2 times the 750) and in the AF points (24 vs 19).

I know i wrote a lot, but do you think these are good choices? And do the AF points do a lot of difference in film making?


Have you thought about the a6000, a6300 and the G80(G85 in europe)?
The AF depends, most of the times I believe you'll be using MF for filmmaking. At least I do use mostly MF as it gives me more control since sometimes the AF makes mistakes.

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Herman Delgado
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If you want to go the canon way then go dirt cheap on the body as the newer models don't have a significantly better image quality, get a used 600d, eos M or something like this. Download and instal magic lantern on it and use the vision color picture style. Then with the money left get good lenses with fast aperture, a tripod with fluid head and a good shotgun mic with +20db feature like the takstar or the rode videomic pro if you can afford it.
I shot this with a 600d and an eos M and it looks totally fine to me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QB8RsA-AAo4
That said if you can afford it I advise you to get something better strait than a canon dslr, the panasonic G7 is great, the sony a6300 too, both are very cheap for what they offer.

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I have two eos-m cameras, the first I bought new as a refurb from Canon for $250 discounted from $700 and the second used for $150 that with the free Magic Lantern software that adds many cinematic features could last you a lifetime, all the camera you will ever need. The downside is bragging rights with filmakers that are snooty about gear. These people real interest is in acquiring gear and bragging about, but have much less interest in actual filmmaking. The point being you can make terrific looking movies with the Canon eos-m that will look great along side cameras costing tens of thousands of dollars with how people view films in the real world (streaming, blu ray, youtube etc)

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Look for a used 70d. It is a great camera and a good price. Plus the DPAF is on point.

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Michael Militscher
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