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Camera for a prank video?

Hi there guys,

I have a Canon 80d Body, I just sold the lens. I'm currently filming pranks for YouTube.

My question is should I buy a new lens to film pranks with? The placement of the camera will be on a trolley to go into stores or in a shoe box while my friend records following me on the streets.

I'm not sure if I should buy an ISM lens or this: http://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/cameras-and-camcorders/camcorders/camcorder...

P.s. I want to stick to 60p because it looks better on YouTube hence the reason for the sony handycam


Was thinking of the 24mm pancake ef-s lens

January 26, 2017 at 11:12AM


I generally prefer video cameras for video over still cameras for several reasons, but you'd want something better than that Sony. I borrowed a similar camera a couple of years ago and my tests showed not only poor dynamic range but it also only resolved about 350 lines (less than standard def) due to the limitations of the optics. The lens is the greatest determining factor in image quality, so if £350 is all you can afford, that money is better spent on a lens for your existing camera.

Also, that Sony has a 1/6" (3mm) 9.2MP sensor, which means TINY .00075uM pixels (aka poor dynamic range and low-light performance). I consider .003uM pixels the bare minimum for decent image quality. 60p compounds the problem because it has half the time to gather light as say a 25p/30p camera. I recently got a 60p, 2.1MP 1/4" camera and quickly sold it in favor of a 30p 2.1MP 1/3" camera. That made the difference between needing 3,000 Watts to sufficiently light a small room (and could only handle six stops (64:1 contrast ratio)) to only needing 750 Watts and getting over 8 stops (256:1). The image is noticeably better on my current camera (Canon G20), which I got refurbished for a great price.

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