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Camera for short movie

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I am saroj from Nepal , I am theatre director and actor and working on this business since 20 + . Now I am making a short movie which is my aim to be work hard and be patience. But I am confuse that is there any internationals standard for camera which I have to use ?
My this short movie which under the process of Pre production but script was in rewriting process 4th times, my story is about the 20 years ago story so I would like to use DV or HDV camera for represent the time of 20 years . But some of my friends are advice me to shoot in Red of HDR I or II , but I want to shoot through DV or HDV . Could you please advice me to make any difference in camera stand red ?
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There's definitely ways to degrade modern footage (RED, alexa, Blackmagic URSA) to look old. But honestly, many filmmakers love shooting actual vintage cameras for that vintage look. It might be tricky working with 20 year old DV cameras (they might be less reliable, they aren't designed to run for 20 years). It really comes down to personal preference, to be honest. Some like capturing the look in camera. Some are ok with taking more time to create that look in post.

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