September 18, 2019 at 3:32AM, Edited September 18, 3:58AM


Can I talk about pop culture in my short film?

Hi guys,

I am just in the process of preparing for my first short film that I would like to either show at film festivals or at least post online like on YouTube etc.

Meaning I would like to talk about movies, music, illustrations and artists not only just mentioning their names briefly but about what I find admiring and what I find disappointing.

The character is heavily steeped into pop culture and through it finds his own voice as an artist so it would be impossible not to talk about it.

If I cannot use more than merely mentioning names or something briefly then I guess I would have to generalize the subject matter to no particular brand name or creative work of art.

If there are any suggestions how far I can go talking about other peoples work, since I am not quoting any dialogue or showing any visual references, just talking and debating like a real nerd.

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