May 18, 2017 at 11:56PM

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Can I use film clips on YouTube in my Video?

Sorry if this question sounds like a newbie, I'm creating a video for my YouTube channel, it's a top list like video. In the video I intend to include some film clips, may possibly use short piece of background music, like just a few seconds. Can anyone please help me with my questions:
1. Is it legal to use film clips in my YouTube video? It's not for commercial use. Will YouTube take down my video?
2. I'm not going to download the film and cut out the piece I want, but just record the film clips on YouTube, is it legal? Are there any free recording software to do this? I've tried some of the apps mentioned in this post: Also I see many people are recommending those a lot in other places, but it seems like none of these work for me. Do you have some better options?

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