December 4, 2018 at 5:45PM


Can I/Should I use these lenses/focus pull on a Ronin-S?

This past year I have been practicing Cinematography on my own. I was strapped financially and after asking for advice in forums like these, I purchased a Canon t3i and decided to just focus on investing in lighting and lens. As I improve and save more money, I can eventually buy a more advanced camera.
I want to do more video (have been doing a lot of photography and simple/static video work) as well as practice doing my own follow focus and using a gimbal. Maybe even both at the same time for simple moves
This week I will be using a Ronin-S for the first time for an experimental shoot with a friend. In addition to the Ronin I plan to rent a Cinema Lens and even a follow focus.

My questions are:
1. Do I even need a follow focus if my lenses/camera is capable of auto-focus?
2. Would a Cinema Lens make sense for a Canon T3i? I did say I want to invest in good lenses so I would like to start renting ones that I could eventually own down the road.
3. Does the Ronin-S even work with a Canon t3i?

EDIT: Quick Google search shows me it won't be compatible with the t3i. Any suggestions on a Canon series I should have little issues with based on being a Rebel user (5D, 6D, C100,etc)?

I'm not new to filmmaking but am pretty novice on the technical side of things. Any advice helps

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