December 15, 2015 at 9:50AM


Canon 7D with external recorders-which one to buy?

Hi guys,
I'm graduating from college soon and trying to outfit myself for getting hired as a videographer. I have a Canon 7D, mk1 that I think I get pretty good images out of, but I've been lusting after other cameras too. People almost always say invest in everything else before a new camera, and I basically agree, though the new c100/c300 mk2 look amazing. But I'm interested to know what external recorder might be a good choice to get a little more out of my 7D(with magic lantern) and would also serve me well if I upgrade to a different camera in a year. I've looked but can't find too much info about whether I will be able to get 4:2:2, or easier to work with raw video, at what bitrate etc. out of the 7D. Any advice/anecdotes are appreciated.

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