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Canon C300 as A-Cam, a7sii as B-Cam: a7sii in HD APS-C or 4K Full Frame?

Thinking of a scenario in which I use c300 Mark I as an A-Cam and a7sii as a B-Cam for night scenes / midnight sun stuff where the added low light abilities will make a difference. New to having to think of full frame/aps-c/super 35 matters.

To match the c300, how would you shoot on the a7sii? In HD in APS-C crop mode. Or 4k fullframe and recompose/crop to match in post?

I haven't bought lenses yet. Guessing the answer is that I'll have to buy one APS-C and one full frame zoom. But, if shooting in APS-C is the recommendation for the a7sii, then that would mean buying one lens until I need 4k.

I've seen some color tests on matching the two which will be helpful, but if there are other things to think about in this scenario, any advice would be welcome.


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These are a series of videos I directed & edited where we had C300 Mark II as our A (95% of the footage you see) and A7SII at our B. We shot 4K for both cameras, but did some off speed on the C300 in 1080p 60fps. Final deliverable was 1080p. Canon L-series glass for both cameras.

C300 Mark II is really pretty image right out of the camera. Both were shooting in a flat profile, I don't have the exact profiles on hand but I believe it we were in Canon Log 2 on the C300. Hope these serve as a reference for ya' Cheers -George

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