March 18, 2016 at 11:35AM, Edited March 18, 11:40AM


Can't get Zebra and Focus Peaking on A7s II

Hi everyone, I'm new on this forum. I just received my Sony A7s II and I'm moving from a Canon 6D which been stolen. Well my first impression being a newcomer is that the A7s II is really harder to figure out in general. Biggest disappointment is the poor screen quality which makes focusing really hard.

Well I've been trying to figure out which color profile I like the most between Cine 4 and sLog3.

So far sLog3 gives way better quality image but I'm obligated to operate at 1600 iso which needs me to increase the shutter speed really high when shooting outdoor.

With cine 4 I always end up with horrible footage that have artefacts, grain, etc. It's also harder to color as there's already lots of color in the profile.

So I decided to go with sLog 3 for the quality I can get but I can't get the focus peaking to appear on screen and zebra also. I've setup zebra at 100+. What should I do?

First part of this video is f2.8 slog3 80mm and second part is cine4 f2.8 80mm :


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