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CF 800x for Magic Lantern Raw?

Has anyone tried using a 800x CF to record ML Raw on the 5d Mark II? For example the Lexar 800x or SanDisk Extreme Series.

I know the recommended speed rating is at least 1000x, but I have seen a few posts where people were able to get away with 800x cards, and I currently only have 800x cards.

Raw video is just something I want to experiment with, but not actually use for paid gigs.

So is an 800x good enough for ML Raw or is it worth to purchase new 1000x cards?


Card speed varies a LOT, even when buying the SAME brand of card. I use the free ATTO disk benchmark to test the actual speed of any memory card, because sometimes expensive cards are much slower than the cheaper cards.


For example I have had SanDisk cards that had a WRITE speed of 30 MB/sec, where the same type of card from Patriot ( that cost about half the price ) had a WRITE speed of 60 MB/sec when I tested them with the ATTO benchmark.

You will need a good USB 3 card-reader to test your card speed, as USB 2 card-readers are too slow to give a proper speed rating.

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Guy McLoughlin
Video Producer

If you want 1920x1080 I'd recommend no less than 1066x. 1920x818: 1000x
Komputerbay are the ones to buy (low price), but they vary a lot so test them while you can still return them.

July 20, 2016 at 12:01PM


Also at some point there is gonna be a bottleneck with the 5DmkII itself, and the card speed will be irrelevant. Doing long takes at full 1920x1080 on the mkII is tricky either way (or it was half a year ago.)

What I mean is at some point the card will be faster than the camera can write to it. That's when you either get a 5DmkIII, or just step down the frame size and upscale it again in post.

July 22, 2016 at 9:28AM


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