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CF card question ?

can anyone tell me the diffience between and and about 400x, what is it ?

Thanks you guys alot :)


In simple terms, for I do not know the complex ones, the first link is a faster CF card (udma 7). That one will read and write information faster, 160/150 MB/s respectively. The second CF card is a udma 5 with a read/write speed of only 60 MB/s.

The kicker here is what device are you recording with? if you have a camera that records at high MB/s speeds then you'll want a faster card. For example, if the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera recorded to CF Cards you could use the udma 5 card in the second link. This is because the highest storage rate of the BMPCC is 27.5 MB/s.

However, if you were recording with the new Black Magic URSA mini and shooting Apple ProRes 444 XQ at 250 MB/s neither of these CF cards would be able to record the information without running into trouble.

To my knowledge, you can purchase the udma 5 card and save a little money, for not a lot of 1080 HD cameras will exceed a 60 MB/s read and write speed. If you are looking into 4k cameras though you are going to need faster cards CF 2.0.

Hope this helps.

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The first card is newer and can read and write data faster than the old one. Things like 4K and 10Bit video have more information so need to write and read more per second.

August 7, 2015 at 1:31AM

Matt Robinson
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The first card has a guaranteed MINIMUM WRITE speed of 65 MB/sec, and is still being sold.

The second card has a potential MAXIMUM WRITE speed of 60 MB/sec, but the MINIMUM WRITE speed could be as low as 10 MB/sec which would suck balls. ( this is why this card has been discontinued by B&H Photo )

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Guy McLoughlin
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